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Infra Red Morning Walker With Reflexology Therapy

Infra Red Morning Walker With Reflexology Therapy
Infra Red Morning Walker With Reflexology Therapy Infra Red Morning Walker With Reflexology Therapy
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Infra Red Morning Walker with Reflexology Therapy

Warranty- 1 Year

Infra Red Morning Walker with Reflexology therapy is the best the model among morning walkers. This morning walker has a digital remote control, adjustable 10 swinging and 2 vibrations speed. It comes with acupressure, reflexology, Infra red and Magneto therapy.

There are many health benefits of morning walker machine. It is wonderful equipment for all those who are not able to go for walks early in the morning or late in the night.  This morning walker claims to give you benefits of 10000 brisk walk steps only in 15 minutes.

Features of Morning Walker

1. Has 10 speed side to side Swinging Speed
2. Has a 2 level speed Vibration for Acupressure therapy
3. Has an Infrared light to relieve you of the hidden joint pains or unidentified pains and to detoxify our body.
4. Magneto therapy to stay painless
5. Digital Remote Control


Major Benefits Of Its Use:

•    It gets you relief from insomnia when used after 2 hours of dinner
•    It gets you relief from indigestion, stomach  disorders & constipation when is used early in the morning with empty stomach after consuming 1 glass of luke warm water
•    It helps you lose weight when used daily for 2 months
•    It increases your blood circulation
•    It relieves mental stress
•    It helps in cutting down risk of hypertension & diabetes
•    The acupressure therapy promotes healing response in corresponding body organs
•    The infrared therapy helps to heal any type of pain faster by deep penetrating in the body and detoxifies body
•    The magneto therapy in it helps to increase blood circulation as well as very effective in healing pain

How To Use Morning Walker:

•    Place the morning walker machine on even floor (flat surface).
•    Plug in power socket
•    Lie on your back in front of this walker & place your feet in proper position on footrest of this equipment.
•    Adjust time according to your convenience (maximum time= 15 minutes). If you are using it the first time then you may start with 4 to 5 minutes.
•    Close your eyes rest your arms on the floor & relax yourself.
•    When you are done with this don’t get up immediately. Just keep your eyes closed and rest for 1 to 2 minutes.


When To Use:

•    You can use it according to your suitable time.
•    For best results use it early in the morning on empty stomach or 2-3 hours after your meal.


Who Can Use It:

•    Men, Women & Kids above 6 years can use it.
•    Diabetic Patients
•    Physically challenged people(On recommendation of their physician)


Who Should Not Use It:

•    People who have undergone any type of surgery recently
•    Pregnant women
•    People suffering from slip disc
•    People having any type of bone injury


•    Children should use it under adult supervision
•    Don’t use it more than 15 minutes in one session
•    Don’t compel yourself to use for more time if you are feeling uncomfortable or dizzy
•    Don’t leave it unattended when plugged in socket


Product Specifications:

Brand: Landmark Infrared Morning Walker

Watts: 50 Voltages: 230

Warranty: 1 Year Sellers Warranty

Freebies: 1. Sauna Belt AND 1 twister


1Home Infra Chi Walker

1 Twister

1 Sauna Belt

1 User Manual

So, now minimize your health risk & get back into proper shape as now people can buy morning walker online at our store.


*Warranty Covers only Motor warranty. Any other part other than motor if found faulty then there is no replacement on the same. 

Also in case you want to avail warranty customer needs to send the product back to us(Healthskyshop) and courier charges would be borne by customer only. 


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